What I learnt from writing Practical Wabi Sabi

what I learnt from writing Practical Wabi Sabi

Writing Practical Wabi Sabi was a profoundly life changing process. During the writing I discovered and adopted a new way of being that brought about a great contentment. I slowly became more detached for the things around me and better able to guide myself from within.

I whilst I was writing Practical Wabi Sabi (a few years ago now) I was able to make some wonderful changes to my relationships, particularly with our children. I also noticed a great improvement in the quality of my life and so far this has just kept getting better. Everyday there are now many memorable high and moments of great pleasure.

It not only the ultimate in stress free living but also the ultimate in environmental consciousness as through Wabi Sabi we can be happy with very little (and not have to work so hard to make money!).

One of the ideas behind Wabi Sabi is to discover how to be ourselves and happy as we are. Through this we can develop an honest relationship with ourselves and the rest of the world, whilst learning to gain the greatest pleasures from those aspects of life that mean the most to us. As a result I have found greater contentment with myself.

I have found it works really well with a macrobiotic lifestyle and philosophy and if anything I have found it easier to eat well since immersing myself in the subject.

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