What is face reading?

What is Face Reading Wide face and smile

What is Face Reading Wide face and smile

What is face reading I am often asked? It is essentially the art of divining something about a person’s character or health simple by looking at his or her face. We all face read and have since we were babies. We find stored in your mind a library of faces and characters all matched up. Initially this was an essential tool to help protect us from potential predators but later we might have naturally developed it into a powerful tool to help in all kinds of social interactions.

social interaction

Much of this happens subconsciously. We could be introduced to someone at a party and our mind might notice his mouth is similar to another man we know. Without realizing it we will instinctively make initial assumptions about this person based upon our previous experiences with the man with a similar mouth.

why are we so attracted to human faces?

The reason we choose to read faces is that they are the most exposed part of our bodies and the most revealing. Not only does the face have five distinct features; its shape, eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth but two of these; the eyes and mouth are highly mobile giving out a huge amount of interesting information about the person inside.

In face we are so obsessed with faces that we see them everywhere, in the clouds, across faded walls, within a pile of crumpled clothes, among autumn leaves… Because we are social creatures and our survival depended to much on living with other people our minds are programmed seek out and recognise faces. This is so strong that if we look at a rotating hollow mask, our mind with automatically fill in the hollow side to look like a face.

flirting and sex

Face reading is an essential component to finding someone to love and start a family with. We use faces to read much about a boy or girls health, ability to be a good parent and compatibility.

Of course we also use  facial expression to signal whether we have feelings for another person and to encourage them to feel safe engaging in flirting with us. We are particularly sensitive to eye movement, however, flushed cheeks or lips are also a sign of greater attraction, along with smiling and raising eyebrows.

During sex our lips become a special point of sensual pleasure. Although not common in many cultures, gently brushing our cheeks against another person’s cheeks can be hugely reassuring, calming and engaging.

what is face reading and why learn it?

So you might ask what is face reading if will already do it? The art of face reading is to take something we do intuitively and to bring it up to our conscious mind so we can do it with some consistency whenever we want. We can apply face reading to learning more about characters but also for better understanding health.

Chinese principles of face reading

In China chi was used as a basis for face reading and therefor faces could be described in terms of yin and yang, as well as the five elements. This means that a face reading can be directly integrated with other practices also using yin and yang or five elements, such as feng shui, macrobiotics, shiatsu, acupuncture…

modern uses

Face reading is commonly use to help understand what our biggest strengths are and how to build upon these to best succeed in life. It is also a useful method to learn more about the chi behind various health issues when using chi based subjects to bring about positive change.

what does your face reveal?

You can have your own face reading with Simon and discover ways that you might be better able to overcome challenges in life and best succeed. Read more about online face reading and having a face reading in London. You can also learn to face read with our face reading courses.

what is face reading and Simon Brown

What is face reading was written by Simon Brown who has written two books on face reading and taught face reading techniques throughout the EU and US for over 30 years.

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