The Wabi Sabi Lifestyle

the wabi sabi lifestyle

The wabi sabi lifestyle encourages us to fully use our five senses to live life as it hapens. This can take us away from our thoughts, internal dialogue and mental chatter and free us up to connect with our environment.

By totally engaging in our experience of our world through sight, sounds, smells, tastes and touch we can escape the distractions of agonising of the past or worrying about the future and enjoy the beauty of everything around us.

To help this process explore textures, subtle shades and hues of colours, the effect of natural light on different surfaces, shadows and the way natural materials fade and age. Try to be aware of the smells and tastes of foods and drinks. Make a point to lose yourself in the smell of flowers and scents. Try to completely and soley listen to friends resisting the temptation to think of a reply or your next sentance.

Contact Simon for help applying wabi sabi to your own life.