Key Wabi Sabi Ideas and Principles

key wabi sabi ideas and principles

Living in the moment – escaping unnecessary thoughts of the past and future.

Simplicity – putting the greatest attention into the few things that are most important to you.

Emptiness – leaving the space for new things to come into your life.

Sobriety – retaining dignity, self control, common sense and level headedness.

Intuition – to be able to understand without analytical or logic reasoning.

Transient beauty – an appreciation of beauty that comes and goes.

Nothing is complete – understanding that life is a process without clear beginnings and ends.

Acceptance – to adapt to changing circumstances and make the best of any situation.

Imperfection – embracing and loving people, things, nature as they are.

Asymmetry – to be free from trying to make objects and layout symmetrical or in regimented patterns.

Appreciation – to cultivate an attitude of endless appreciation for ourselves and the world we live in. Seeing the best in everything.

Tranquillity – to free ourselves from all the unnecessary noise, clutter and distractions that distract us from finding that inner peace.

Naturalness – living close to nature, using natural materials.

Nothing contrived – to express yourself freely without trying to satisfy superficial trends or fashions.

Non attachment – freedom from doctrines, concepts and beliefs.

Humbleness – being yourself without projecting your ego. Leading an unassuming, unpretentious, unostentatious life.

Modesty – to live a life that is varied without indulging in excesses or extremes.

Austerity – to be free from pandering to luxuries and making the most of very little.

Embracing change – enjoying the idea that everyday is new and different, that our world is full of variables and that nothing is static.