shiatsu treatment Shoreditch London

shiatsu treatment Shoreditch London

If you are experiencing back, neck, hip or knee problems book a shiatsu treatment Shoreditch London. Shiatsu combines therapeutic massage with stretching and the use of acupressure points. This combination makes shiatsu treatment Shoreditch London ideal for tight muscles, stiff joints and tension. It is an effective way to get rid of stress and feel relaxed with more energy.

shiatsu sessions

During shiatsu you wear loose cotton clothing and lie on a futon. Cushions and towels or blankets will be used to ensure you feel comfortable and supported. You can also listen to the music style of your choice during your shiatsu.

The shiatsu treatment usually takes an hour and the fee is £60.

Shiatsu combinations and optional extras

Your shiatsu can be combined with any of the following to enhance the experience and deepen the healing.

  • EFT Emotional freedom technique. Uses acupressure points and affirmations to help change to beneficial habits and responses. You can also use this technique at home.
  • NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. Can be used to visualise relaxation in certain muscles and aid the shiatsu.
  • Acupuncture. Very fine needles can be placed in acupressure points that need more attention whilst Simon continues the shiatsu. In this approach the needles only enter the skin to a depth of 2mm to 4mm.
  • Meditation. Simon will teach you breathing and meditation techniques to use during the shiatsu and at home.
  • Posture. Simon will teach you the ideal posture to help with neck, back and hip issues. He will take photographs of you in the best postures and email to you, so you can practice the postures at home.
  • Exercises and stretches. Simon will specify stretches and recommend exercise to help with muscular issues.
  • Advice on healthy eating. You can benefit from simple healthy eating suggestions to help increase energy and reduce muscle tension.

These options can be included in your treatment as appropriate and as requested by you. There is no extra fee for any of these choices.

shiatsu treatment Shoreditch London bookings

Simon is available during the week and weekend between 10am and 7pm.

To make an appointment call 07543663227 or email using our contact page.

Shiatsu Treatment Shoreditch London take place at 3 Marlow House, Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JL

Please bring or wear loose cotton clothing.

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