shiatsu massage

what is shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is a form of treatment that combines, stretches, massage, pressure, healing, percussion and joint movement to rejuvenate the human body. It is a form of therapeutic massage that is ideal for stiffness, aches, pains and stress. It is a useful therapy when recovering from injuries. In this context shiatsu massage is most commonly used for neck, back, hip and knee injuries.

what does a shiatsu massage involve?

To receive a shiatsu massage you wear loose cotton clothes and lie on a futon. The practitioner will than check your body using various techniques. He or she will then recommend a form of treatment.

is shiatsu massage painful?

Your shiatsu treatment can be very gentle and use more healing techniques along with careful stretching and movement. Equally shiatsu can be deep with powerful stretches and manipulation of muscles. You will need to guide the practitioner into what kind of treatment you want and whether to make it more gentle or strong.

chi and Acupressure points

Shiatsu is based on the same principles as acupuncture. Various acupressure points are used to help adjust the chi running along pathways of energy, known as meridians. This can be used to help feel different both physically and emotionally. The meridians relate to different organs and sometimes working on particular acupressure points helps the internal chi around organs.

what happens between treatments

Your shiatsu therapist can recommend exercise, posture, meditation, diets and complimentary treatments to try to resolve a particular health issue.

how many shiatsu treatments do I need?

You will need to work out with your practitioner how many sessions would be most beneficial. One treatment is good for general relaxation, however you may need up to 10 for a more stubborn injury.

shiatsu options

Shiatsu can be done in conjunction with acupuncture, meditation, EFT and NLP if you wish.

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