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Online Feng Shui Course with Simon Brown

Online Feng Shui Course with Simon Brown


online feng shui course with best selling author Simon Brown

Join a flexible online feng shui course that is a mixture of guided self study, online tutorials, reviewed projects, mentoring and lectures with Simon Brown. You will also have the option to study with Simon in London as part of your course.

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You can learn the basics of feng shui in 15 hours of study. This will give you an excellent foundation to apply feng shui to your own home, friends homes and your work place. You will be able to use your own home as part of the course and Simon will help you create the ideal feng shui recommendations for your home.

The online feng shui course will be adjusted to your needs. Typically you will need 5 hours of direct tuition with Simon via FaceTime or Skype and 11 hours supervised self study. This consists of reading provided course material, Simon’s book The Feng Shui Bible, answering questionnaires and completing set feng shui projects.

The cost for this course is £295, based on 5 one hour tutorials. You can arrange additional tutorials at the cost of £60 per hour. Simon will issue you with a certificate upon successful completion.

You can use this online feng shui course as part of your professional feng shui training, if you wish to continue.

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This online feng shui training is designed to help you get started as a feng shui practitioner. The training takes you through everything you need, to be able to understand the needs of a feng shui client and how you can alter the atmosphere in his or her home in a way that will help them overcome his or her challenges in life.

This course consists of 10 hours of feng shui tutorials with Simon and 30 hours of guided self study using course material, reading, supervised projects, feng shui assignments, questionnaires and reviews of your work. After successful completion I will also be available to help you with feng shui projects and offer ongoing support and mentoring.


Understanding what feng shui is and how it works.

An overview of all the various styles of feng shui.

The ethics of helping others with feng shui.

The principles of feng shui, chi, yin and yang, five elements, trigrams, directions.

Sensing chi energy. Learning to feel and see chi in a person and home.

Constructing a floor plan and writing a report.

Consultation techniques, developing your own methodology.

Feng shui cures. What they are and how to apply them.

Feng shui design. Using colour, materials, form, lighting and proportions in the design for redecoration or during renovation.

Feng Shui Architecture. Being able to choose a site, orientation and layout of a home. Understanding the various influences of windows, doors, materials, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, eco heating and insulation.

EMF. Making readings of electro magnetic fields and being able to reduce fields where people sleep, work or sit.

Applying feng shui to businesses. This includes offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Nine ki astrology applied to relationships, timing and directions.

Practice applying all you have learnt to homes, offices, and shops or restaurants.

Creating your own successful feng shui business

Follow up and mentoring. Supervision of your feng shui consultations.

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My fee for 10 hours of personal tutorials and personal supervision / review of 30 hours of guided self study is £975

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Your online feng shui course will be set up around your schedule so you can learn at a pace that works for you and at times that are best for you.

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To discuss your online feng shui course with Simon call +44 7543663227 or email using our contact form

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online feng shui course review

Simon Brown is one of my all time favourite teachers. His extensive knowledge of Feng Shui becomes easily accesible and understandable through his friendly interaction style. Simon facilitates student’s participation and encourages real life learning situations, allowing each student to develop his or her personal style of Feng Shui. His caring attitude makes it easy to share your ideas and questions with the whole class, creating a supportive and positive atmosphere. Luisa Ribeiro 04/04/14

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