online face reading

online face reading eyebrows that curve down suggest a caring nature

online face reading eyebrows that curve down suggest a caring nature

online face reading with author and expert Simon Brown

You can benefit from an online face reading using Skype or FaceTime with Simon. Your face reading will focus on finding your greatest strengths and using these to overcome life challenges.

practical advice using online face reading

Based on your face reading Simon will provide you with practical advice to help with various issues. This could be applied to your career, relationships and health.

 what you face says about you

We all face read in our unconscious mind and have since we were children. Online face reading helps us understand how other people relate us through our face.

using online face reading to explore health

We can use online face reading to learn how we might best heal ourselves from a health issue. Our face can tell us more about the issue itself and how to use our strengths for healing. Simon will guide you through this process if appropriate and requested.

integrated online face reading

Chinese face reading is based on yin and yang, along with the five elements. This means a face reading can be easily linked to subjects like macrobiotics, feng shui and shiatsu where the same principles are used. Simon will provide practical advice in these fields, if desired, as part of your reading.

to book your online face reading

You can book your online face reading by sending us an email using the contact page. When we reply you can then send photographs of your face. We will then set up a date and time for your reading via

fees and duration

Your online face reading lasts 45 minutes and the fee is £45. You can pay by PayPal or internet transfer.

Feel free to ask any questions about your online face reading by using our email form.

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