online face reading course

online Face Reading Course Wide face and smile

online Face Reading Course Wide face and smile

learn face reading with an online face reading course

Learn face reading through an online face reading course with author and expert Simon Brown. Simon has over 35 years experience teaching and giving face readings. Simon will teach you everything you need to make your own face readings.

uses for face reading

Face reading can be used for;

  • Greater appreciation of faces and characters.
  • Creating teams for business and work.
  • Better ability to understand people.
  • To help people work to their strengths.
  • To be able to guide people through a healing process.
  • Bond with friends.

practical applications for face reading

You can use feng shui with many subjects including;

  • Chinese medicine.
  • Feng Shui.
  • Macrobiotics.
  • Psychological profiling.
  • Team building.
  • Healing.

online face reading course syllabus

Your face reading course can be made up from the following as appropriate to your needs;

  • Chi energy
  • Yin and yang
  • Five Elements
  • Face reading skills
  • Making a face reading
  • Practice with different faces
  • Applying face reading to relationships, careers, healing and character study

online face reading training

We can design your face reading course to best train you for your particular needs. The course consists of Skype / Facetime tutorials, guided self study, practice and supervised application.

online face reading course fees

The course costs £60 per hour long tutorial. During the tutorial you will be guided to reading, projects and making readings. These will be reviewed at the following tutorial. A typical face reading course requires a minimum of 3 tutorials to learn the basics and 6 tutorials to cover the complete syllabus.

face reading course London

You can also do the course in London with Simon. The whole syllabus can be completed in a day, typically 10am to 4pm pr 11am to 5pm and the fee is £195.

booking your face reading course

To book a face reading course with Simon call 07543663227 or contact him by email using our contact page.


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