online connection therapy

Online Connection Therapy with Simon Brown

Online Connection Therapy with Simon Brown

online connection therapy with Simon Brown

Online connection therapy is a holistic approach to therapy arrange through Skype or FaceTime where talking through issues is supported with advice and training in meditation, healthy eating, exercise and other possibilities that have an influence on our emotions.


This method uses the Indian chakra model where the emotions are central with chakras relating to food, exercise and sex / intimacy, below and expression, thinking and spirituality above.

Depending on the situation different supporting chakras can be used as appropriate, to explore areas of life that may best help change emotional states.

developing new neural pathways

The sessions are therapeutic in themselves as we explore different possibilities, perceptions and ways of thinking. Meditation and mindfulness practices create new tools for adjusting the mind. These can help train the mind to have the option to move from analytical thinking to sensory experience. Broadly, a process of moving from the left to right lobe. The aim is to develop the means to get us out of old thought patterns that lead to emotional distress.

The practices create and strengthen new neural pathways that provide an alternative to using those pathways that lead to unwanted emotional responses. Simple dietary changes, exercise, spiritual practices and various forms of expression, such as writing, paining, singing, all combine to help form new ways to use our minds and enjoy different emotions.

potential benefits

People use online connection therapy to help with stress, mild to moderate depression, low self esteem and lack of confidence. Connection therapy puts you in control of the process so that you decide how quickly and how far to proceed.

online connection therapy sessions

Online connection therapy sessions are an hour and can be arranged by FaceTime / Skype. The fee is £60 per session. You will be given further reading material and recipes as appropriate.

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