feng shui astrology and nine ki cycles

I find it fascinating to examine all the subjects I am involved in and try to strip them back to their essentials, going back to what might have been the source. Feng shui astrology is something of a mystery, as it does not obviously connect to any planetary movement or astronomy. Essentially feng shui astrology is made up of repeating cycles of nine, or ten and twelve. Nine for nine ki the cylce is 9, for four pillar it is a combination of 10 and 12.

If we strip out all the human made assumptions and constructs including weeks, months, yin, yang, five elements and animals what are we left with? Why would we base so much on the assumption that humans are naturally linked to a repeating cycle?

All we know in nature is made up of various cycles. The day, the lunar cycle and the cycle of the year or seasons being the most influential. At the same time humans work on cycles whether breathing, heartbeat, sleep, eating, hormones, menstruation, pH, renewal of cells and blood sugar levels.

Science suggests that any two cycles tend to harmonise. So if we filled a room with pendulum clocks after a while they would all swing together. Groups of women living together may find their menstrual cycle harmonise. It may be that some of our natural cycles harmonise with those of nature. The most obvious of these would be how sleep, pH, eating and blood sugar levels harmonise with the natural cycle of the day. In addition women sometimes find their menstrual cycle harmonises with the lunar cycle and evidence suggests we go through a subtle emotional cycle that is also linked to the cycle of the moon.

There is compelling statistical evidence to show a link between cycles and human behaviour. We experience a 3% to 5% increase in car accidents, crime and admissions to casualty wards during the full moon. People’s blood sugar is more likely to drop during the afternoon and find their saliva is more acidic in the very early morning whilst more alkaline during the afternoon. More people will; slim, de-tox or start a new health regime in the spring, marry in the summer, go on holiday during the late summer, start an educational course in the autumn, buy books at the beginning of winter and create new resolutions in winter.

So perhaps feng shui astrology is really an observation of how the cycles of humans and nature interact. If this is the case what are those cycles and how do we come up with those numbers? The most obvious would be that in the time between conception and birth we experience nine lunar cycles. This would be a period when we are forming and highly prone to influence from our environment. EMF, nuclear radiation and microwaves will effect the formation of an unborn child far more that an adult. Perhaps the same is also true of the moon. As the gravitational field changes due to the alignment of the sun and moon, moving billions of gallons of water around the planet, could this also influence our formation and predicate us to living out of a natural cycle of nine in later life? Do we go through life with some kind of energetic memory that harmonises us to nine lunar cycles? And if this is the case could that extend to other natural cycles? Do we find ourselves running through a cycle every nine years or days?

If there is a possibility that we connect to a cycle nine through an energetic imprint from conception to birth then this would help explain how nine ki astrology, sometimes used in feng shui and using the same basic energy map as feng shui, could work.

The most obvious reason to explore our relationship to a cycle of twelve is that there are twelve lunar cycles in one annual cycle. Perhaps on some deep level we become used to harmonising with lunar and annual cycles in a way that leaves an energetic imprint of twelve small cycles inside one big cycle within our being. There are also about twelve annual cycles before we begin the process of puberty.

Twelve is a number used to divide our day and year as well as a popular number in Chinese astrology where there are twelve animals used to describe different energies.

This leaves the number ten that is commonly used to describe the five yin and yang pairs of the five elements giving ten descriptions of energy. So far I cannot find any obvious natural human or environmental cycle of ten without using conceptual constructs to make the case. If you know of any natural cycle of ten please let me know. Ten is basis for the Chinese four pillar astrology, commonly used with feng shui.

Another mystery is why the day and lunar cycle has not produced a numerical cycle. There are about thirty day cycles in one lunar cycle and yet thirty does not appear as an astrological cycle.

The more questions we have the further we might be able to explore this subject, so I hope reading my thoughts provokes more questions and together we can try to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship to nature through our mutual cycles. For me this is work in progress and it is the exploration that generates insights, revelations and discoveries whilst alleged answers tend to close and end that process leaving a subject stagnant. In that spirit I would welcome any thoughts.

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