my journey

Simon Brown my journey

Simon Brown my journey

Simon Brown – my journey

I am very aware that I am on a journey through life. So far my journey has taken many unexpected twists and turns. I expect a few more before my story ends. I am conscious that my current perceptions will change as I progress along my path in life. As the mystery of life gently unfolds all kinds of new insights, revelations and thoughts will appear.

life changing moments

There have been many life changing moments in my life. None of these were planned but seemed to appear, often just when one phase of my life seemed to be coming to a natural end.

  • Training as an engineer from 17
  • Discovering macrobiotics when I was 23
  • Becoming the director of London’s Community Health Foundation at 29
  • Learning feng shui from the age of 33
  • Writing Practical Feng Shui and becoming an author when 41
  • Enjoying an international teaching career from 45
  • Beginning Connection Therapy at 53
  • Starting a bicycle design project with my son

The biggest and most profound events have been being a father to my 4 sons and the various relationships I have formed in my lifetime.


With hindsight I feel much of my life is preparation. There have been long periods where very little is happening and those are the times to develop, to be ready when the next opportunity comes along. I feel happily committed to investing in my own evolution.

saying yes

I have always been more likely to say ‘yes’ to opportunities, despite sometimes being poorly thought through. Even though some commitments led me to challenging places, I have grown through those experiences and as a result feel far more empathetic and compassionate towards people encountering difficulties in their journeys.

Saying ‘yes’ has also brought me incredible surprises and many wonderful moments with friends. colleagues, students and clients.

Looking back their have been many times when I am glad I was able to say ‘yes’ with my heart, even though my mind was telling me otherwise.

your journey

Try writing out the main events in your life and reflect on how you have evolved as a result of them. Experiment with not judging yourself and writing as an objective biographer of your own life.

  • What are the main events in your life?
  • Where have the various changes taken you?
  • What qualities have you developed as a result?
  • How did you respond to each phase of your journey?
  • To what extent were the changes planned and to what extent were they a surprise?
  • When you review your life, can you focus on your successes and use this to help increase self belief and your trust in life?

Wishing you all the very best with your journey through this life and hoping you can find many special moments that lead you to develop your own realisations about life.