Mirrors in Feng Shui

mirrors in feng shui

Mirrors essentially reflect light in a way that is similar to still waters or a shiny, flat surface. In nature we experience this with ponds, rivers and lakes, when the weather is calm. We might see reflections in stone surfaces after the rain. In a sense a mirror is bringing these natural phenomena into our homes. We could suggest that we naturally relate to large, flat mirrors as being still, tranquil and calm.

In this view, a mirror could be said to have more yin, water energy or chi in the five elements, helping to create an atmosphere we can meditate, relax and perhaps consider bigger ideas about life.

more sunlight

Mirrors also have very practical uses in a home. They can be positioned to reflect light deep into a room from a window. This is particularly useful when part of a room is dark. You can experiment with positioning a mirror so that it catches the rising or setting sunlight and reflects it into another part of the room and be aware of the difference.

views of nature

We can position a mirror so that we have a different view from our favourite chair. For example we might be able to position a mirror so that we can see out through a window and create new views of the trees, sun and sky.

self reflection

Perhaps the most traditional use of mirrors was to see ourselves. The hallway mirror is in a useful location for that last check of our clothing and hair before going out.


We can also position a mirror so that we can see around our front door as we enter our home and when we open the door to a visitor. For this try hanging the mirror on a wall close to the opening edge of the door. Mirrors can also help see into hidden corners.

the impression of space

Mirrors will make a room appear twice as big. This can be very helpful in narrow rooms, L shaped rooms and corridors if we want to create the impression of more space.

mirrors and decoration

There are many shapes and styles of mirrors to choose from. Try getting a couple of friends to hold the mirror in different places so you can experience the differences and find that spot that creates an atmosphere you feel happy in.


When out in publics spaces, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and museums, try to be aware of mirrors and how you relate to them.

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