Making a Face Reading

making a face reading

Looking for that ideal lover? Seeking out that dream job? Trying to understand how your teenage child’s mind works? Face reading gives you clues to help get inside someone’s mind.

More than that you can discover how you can enhance any relationship, achieve greater success in business dealings and better fulfil your potential through face reading.

Did you know we already store hundreds of faces matched up with characters in our heads? We can draw on this library of information to gain insights into someone’s character just by looking at his or her face.

The art of face reading simply puts what we already do intuitively into a more structured, organized format. Every feature on the face from forehead to chin can reveal vital information about personalities and health. A face can speak a thousand words.

Here I will give you ideas on how you can read someone’s character from observing his or her forehead, eyes, cheeks, ears and lips, using the five elements.


The shape of the person’s forehead will provide useful clues as to how he or she thinks. A large, high forehead indicates an intelligent and academically active mind. This is a sign of more wood chi in the five elements .A forehead that is vertical in profile implies independent thinking making it easier to generate ideas and work alone, and suggests an even stronger presence of wood chi. A short, compact forehead suggests quick sharp decision-making and great metal chi. A forehead that slopes backwards suggests a more social and interactive disposition. Such a person is excited to express and hear ideas, therefore being a natural team worker. This would be a sign of greater fire chi.


The eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Smaller eyes are a sign of a desire for precision, accuracy and attention to detail as well as being perceptive and able to see through waffle. This is a sign of greater metal chi. Larger eyes suggest an open, friendly, social character that is expressive, outgoing and accessible. This indicates more fire chi. Eyes set close together show great powers of concentration and consistency. This characteristic is associated with wood chi. Eyes set wide apart are associated with being broad minded and interested in a broader, liberal attitude to life; a sign of greater fire and earth chi. Deep, mysterious eyes can suggest greater interest in spirituality and a sensual nature; an indication of greater water chi.

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Sunken cheeks indicate a serious and responsible attitude to life, risking feeling withdrawn if faced with difficulties. A pale disposition shows a deeper resolve and a drawing in of emotions.Both of these conditions are an indication of more metal chi. Prominent cheeks suggest emotions come up to the surface quickly with a strong desire to express them. Flushed cheeks indicate a state of excitement and a greater desire to speak out. Both of these characteristics suggest an abundance of fire chi.


Ears that sit high on the head and are well developed in the upper portion indicate a tendency to being academic, mentally stimulated and academic. This is a sign of greater wood chi. Ears that are low on the head and well developed in the lower portion with bigger ear lobes suggest a more practical, down to earth, realistic person, with an abundance of earth chi. Smaller ears with fine features indicate a refined, detailed nature and indicia of greater metal chi. Larger ears can be a sign of greater vitality and suggest a strong presence of water chi.


As lips are a feature that moves they attract attention. Being a point of sexual contact we associate lips with sensuality. Thin lips reflect a hard working, responsible character who is prone to overworking. A smaller mouth would suggests greater ability to be direct and focus the job in hand without becoming distracted. Both suggest he or she enjoys more metal chi. Full lips indicate amore relaxed, pleasure orientated nature knowing how to have fun. A wide mouth shows a desire to take in a broader range of experiences in life and live a more varied, less structured life. These attributes indicate a greater presence of fire chi.

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