Macrobiotics London

Macrobiotics London cooking

Macrobiotics London cooking

Macrobiotics London with best selling macrobiotic author and teacher Simon Brown

To learn more about macrobiotics London or to get personal help with macrobiotics London, everything you need is in Shoreditch, London. Simon has 35 years experience helping people enjoy the benefits of macrobiotic personal advice, consultations, classes, courses and professional training. He has written Modern Day Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics For Life and Against all odds with Dr Faulkner describing his recovery from cancer. Simon was the director of London’s Community Health Foundation for sevens years and chairperson of the Macrobiotic Association for three years.

personal macrobiotic advice London

Learn how to improve your health using macrobiotics with Simon. The aim is to make the most of the rest of our lives. Your personal recommendations will include eating healthy natural foods, one minute daily meditations, positive thinking, life coaching techniques, ongoing support, EFT and general education as appropriate to your needs, what is realistic and changes your feel most enthusiastic about. You will receive written recommendations, menu plans, recipes and useful reading. Fee £150. To read more go to macrobiotic advice

online macrobiotic advice

Arrange a FaceTime or Skype personal macrobiotic advice session with Simon. These online options include everything provided in the face to face meetings describe above. Fee £95. To find out more go to online macrobiotic advice

macrobiotic courses London

Simon runs an annual macrobiotic certificate course for students who want to learn macrobiotics in depth and have to option to become accredited by the Macrobiotic Association. These courses consist of 3 days a month for 10 months. To read more click on macrobiotic certificate course

online macrobiotic courses

You can learn macrobiotics quickly and flexibly from the comfort of your own home through Simon’s online courses. These can be as short or long as you like and set to be at your own pace. You can choose from a menu of subjects or take the whole course if you want to help others start macrobiotics. Find out more at online macrobiotic course

macrobiotic training days London

This special day is designed so you can quickly get started with macrobiotics and apply it to a busy lifestyle. The day includes;

  • Personal macrobiotic advice
  • Menu plans and recipes
  • Cooking class
  • Lunch
  • Macrobiotic principles
  • Macrobiotic nutrition

You can also choose from the following if you wish to include any in your day;

  • Meditation
  • A shiatsu massage
  • Further macrobiotic studies
  • EFT

To find out more about this refreshing, healing, restorative day click on macrobiotic training day

macrobiotic cooking class London

To master macrobiotic cooking quickly and in a way that is focussed on your needs book a macrobiotic cooking class London. These 3 hour cooking class sessions help you learn new skills, recipes and techniques. The emphasis is on being creative, healthy and relaxed in the kitchen. Simon will teach you how to make incredible 20 minute meals through to more elaborate dinner party style meals. You choose from a wide range of options to get the cooking tuition you want. Click on macrobiotic cooking class for more.

international macrobiotic teaching

I travel throughout the UK, Europe and USA for my international teaching, consultations and courses. Recent international teaching includes Lisbon, Valencia, Aarhus, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Athens and San Francisco.

macrobiotics London

I currently provide personal tuition and classes in macrobiotics London on a one to one basis and to small groups. These can be arranged to suit your needs and at a mutually convenient time. Macrobiotic training days are designed to best help you get started quickly. Natural foods cooking classes help you learn how to cook delicious, healthy, natural meals in 30 minutes or less. My certificate course takes you through to being able to be a macrobiotic cook, coach and advisor.


To discuss how macrobiotics could help you and the best ways to apply it to your lifestyle call +44 (0) 7543663227 or email Simon using our contact form.

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