Macrobiotics Information

Macrobiotics combines the Greek words macro and bios meaning large life. The idea being that through greater awareness of our food, exercise and lifestyle we can attain our optimum health. In this state we can make the most of our life. Modern macrobiotics contains an incredible body of knowledge and experience on food and health.

The macrobiotic foods are those eaten by the worlds most healthy societies and uses as many natural ingredients as practical that come straight from a farm rather than a factory. The general approach to eating mirrors those diets of Okinawa, rural China, Hunza, and Mediterranean countries.

Eating whole living foods means you eat the energy of the foods along with all the nutrients. This living energy nourishes your own life force and helps you feel lighter, happier and more content. This would include vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs.

Many people have claimed to recover from serious illness by eating macrobiotically but for most it is the ultimate healthy diet and one that is flexible, open, tasty and can be quick to prepare.

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