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Macrobiotics for Life presents a complete, holistic approach to health that can be applied to the body, mind, and soul. Combining the concept of a healthy, natural-foods lifestyle with a philosophy of self-love, macrobiotic expert Simon Brown explains how food, exercise, and bodywork can create greater physical health. Written in an accessible, easy-to-understand style, the book takes readers through simple steps beginning with thought, exercise, and diet, and shows how to bring macrobiotic practice into everyday life. Topics include healing the mind (letting go of assumptions and judgments), healing the heart (listening to one?s emotions), and healing the body (caring for one?s skin, energizing one?s organs, and creating a healthy digestive system).

Simon offers extensive information about macrobiotic foods?tips for eating out, saving time in the kitchen, dealing with food cravings?and a variety of menu plans to help readers get started, including a time-saver weekly menu. A full range of nearly 100 recipes by Dragana provides the essential resources for experiencing macrobiotics, and sixteen striking color photographs illustrate meals that are both delicious and nutritious to help readers see the variety of options that are available.

author biography

A macrobiotic practitioner for nearly thirty years, Simon Brown is the chairperson of the Macrobiotic Association of Great Britain. He also runs a thriving macrobiotic clinic. The author of several bestsellers including Practical Feng Shui and The Feng Shui Bible (more than one million copies combined sales), as well as the popular Modern-Day Macrobiotics, he lives in London.

reviews by macrobiotic teachers

Melanie Waxman

“Wow! What a fantastic book. It’s inspiring, thought provoking, and practical. Simon Brown takes macrobiotic living to a new realm.”

Melanie Waxman, macrobiotics teacher and author of Eat Me Now!

Christina Pirello

“This comprehensive guide to natural living is perfection. Simon Brown gives readers a great place to begin their transformation, with understanding and clear, gentle examination of the theories that are the foundation of macrobiotics. He has left the dogma behind and placed his focus on the beautiful wisdom that makes macrobiotics one of the most powerful life journeys you can imagine. This book is for anyone and everyone with an interest in creating their best life.”

Christina Pirello, Emmy Award-winning host of Christina Cooks, best selling cookbook author, and macrobiotics teacher

Verne Varona

“In Macrobiotics for Life, Simon Brown speaks with a gentle, personable voice and offers readers practical wellness strategies that inspire and educate. He also includes delicious, easy-to-follow recipes by Dragana Brown and takes a much-needed body, mind, and spirit approach.”

Verne Varona, author of Macrobiotics for Dummies

Carl Ferre

“In Macrobiotics for Life, Simon Brown provides a non-dogmatic, holistic view of healing. From beginning to end, his conversational style allows readers to view him as a fellow traveler down life?s road?a trusted friend providing gentle guidance. The sections on emotional healing provide a significant addition to macrobiotic literature and fill a long-standing void. The depth of understanding and the numerous analogies, examples, practical exercises, and useful summaries at the end of each chapter make this book a must-have for anyone interested in health and well-being.”

Carl Ferré, president of the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation and author of Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics and Acid and Alkaline Companion

Bill Tara

“Living a healthy life is quickly becoming a revolutionary act. Simon Brown’s book brings practical insight and broad vision to the transformative study and practice of macrobiotics.”

Bill Tara, macrobiotics teacher and counselor

Micheal Rossoff

“Simon Brown brings macrobiotics into the twenty-first century. By emphasizing the mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of our life, he shows how these intersect for each of us, especially in our way of eating. By inviting you to reflect on these issues, he helps lead you to a profound level of self-discovery. He gently educates you on the key concepts of macrobiotic principles so that you will find them easy to embrace. There is no dogma of good versus bad; instead, Simon provides the tools to understand balance through your experience. This book excels by opening the door wide for lifestyle changes that will influence you, your family?especially children?and your relationships in new, exciting, and healthy ways.”

Michael Rossoff, LAc, macrobiotics teacher, counselor, and founder of Macromuse

Jadranka Boban

“At last-a book that in a very clear and direct, simple and sincere way leads you into the depths of the macrobiotic way of life. This is ?the best of? the most precious insights and experience gained from a lifetime of macrobiotic philosophy and practice. Simon Brown has shown us the wholeness of a macrobiotic approach to life, the indisputable bond that exists between emotions, attitude, eating habits, breathing, exercising, and healing on all levels of our lives. He fills the void in literature on macrobiotics and provides an excellent compass for anyone who wants to take a healthier and happier road to a great life.”

Jadranka Boban Pejic, macrobiotics teacher and award-winning cookbook author

Greg Johnson

“Simon Brown has created a broad and highly accessible platform by eliminating much of the conceptual dogma and rigidity that has plagued macrobiotics for so many years. He has opened a new front by examining the role that our emotional life plays in terms of overall health. To his credit, he is also unafraid to venture outside the artificial constraints of macrobiotics by citing other bodies of work that can complement one?s practice. This book is equally useful for those wanting to launch their own macrobiotic practice and more seasoned practitioners.”

Greg Johnson, macrobiotics teacher and director of the Concord Institute, London

Francisco Varatojo

“The macrobiotic philosophy and way of life has many different aspects and is often interpreted in a myriad of ways. In this book Simon Brown presents macrobiotics not only from his own perspective but also according to the different viewpoints of the main world teachers who wrote their own definition of what the practice means to them.

Therefore, the book is highly recommended to anyone who wants to know more about macrobiotics, as well as to someone who has been practicing it for many years. I greatly enjoyed reading Macrobiotics for Life particularly because it conveys an open and embracing attitude towards macrobiotics and life in general. Simon is a very prolific writer and once again he has done an excellent job. Congratulations Simon!”

Francisco Varatojo, macrobiotic teacher, counsellor, author and director of the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal

Andy Nicola

“After reading Simon Brown’s book ‘Macrobiotics For Life’, one will undoubtedly feel as though they have received a multi-credited education in holistic studies. If you thought, as many do, that macrobiotics is aimed only at diet and food, then reading this book will open up new areas to delve into and explore. Simon’s approach and explanations are well defined and quite in-depth. He impressively takes on the responsibility in addressing many areas that others have been unable to accomplish. The myriad aspects contained within the studies of macrobiotics can at many times be confusing and difficult, causing the enthusiast to lose interest. Simon remedies this situation in the way he carefully outlines the various aspects and explains them in a clear and concise way. The topics that Simon discusses cover a wide range and the book is formulated in a way that is organized and coherent. It is very tempting to call his book a holistic encyclopedia of macrobiotics?. Simon brilliantly shares his inner wisdom by which he has acquired in his life experiences through macrobiotics and holistic understanding. ‘Macrobiotics For Life’ is also enjoyable in the sense that it doesn?t fall into the category of dogmatic preaching like many of the other macrobiotic books I have seen over the years. Simon even advises against losing your own truth by becoming overly dependent on his own theories. However, once you ponder his theories, you will very likely feel the resonance of his thought, and that thought in my opinion, is very comfortable and valuable. After reading this book it is quite obvious Simon has gained a deep understanding of the subject not only through his dedicated studies but more importantly through his life experiences as a devoted macrobiotic. Simon continues to produce well written books and this one is at the top as one of my favorites. My congratulations to Simon on a job very well done.”

Andy Nicola is a nine ki teacher and author of The Luo Shu Oracle.

Published August 4, 2009

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