Macrobiotic Tuition

Macrobiotic Tuition Bean dish and salad Chi Energymacrobiotic tuition – online and in London

I offer one to one macrobiotic tuition in macrobiotic cooking, menu plans, principles, healing, philosophy and nutrition in London and online.

Personal macrobiotic tuition takes the form of guided self learning where we spend an hour to a day together and then I will guide you to learning through reading, practice and self reflection.

This form of learning can take you from learning the basics so you can use macrobiotics for your own wellbeing, through to becoming a macrobiotic cook and health advisor or counsellor.

macrobiotic certificate

You will be eligible for a certificate from me and if successful, independent professional accreditation from the Macrobiotic Association.

macrobiotic tuition intensive

This is a very flexible way to study where you can learn at your own pace and arrange your tuition at times that best suit you. If you are travelling to London from another country your macrobiotic tuition can arranged as an intensive with several days of one to one learning, followed up by guided reading, practice and experience.

macrobiotic tuition fast learning method

Your tuition will be made up of a wide range of learning processes, including discussion, lectures, written work, practice, cooking, sensing and mindfulness so that your mind will be engaged in a way that that makes it easy to absorb new information. There will be breaks for meditation and time to develop your sensitivity, awareness and consciousness.

macrobiotic tuition costs

To study with me in London it is most practical to arrange one day or half sessions. Full day sessions are £195 for 6 hours.

To learn from me online we will arrange FaceTime or Skype session. These typically are for one hour and charged at £60 per hour. My fee includes sending you reading information, tasks and review between sessions.

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