macrobiotic journey

my macrobiotic journey with Melanie

my macrobiotic journey with Melanie

my macrobiotic journey

My macrobiotic journey began in 1982 when my sister Melanie fell in love with a man who had been following a macrobiotic lifestyle for several years. Melanie went to macrobiotic courses at the Community Health Foundation in London and became a fully-fledged macrobiotic zealot. We used to argue passionately about the philosophy behind macrobiotics but I had to admit the foods were giving her more energy and her skin a radiant healthy appearance.

my motivation

I had grown up with the feeling that my heart could be stronger, I had occasionally suffered palpitations and experienced pains in my chest. I had read enough to know that my current diet was far from ideal. Surprisingly for my age, twenty at the time, I experienced several acute attacks of gout. Melanie persuaded me to try a macrobiotic diet for three months. If I did not feel better she would stop nagging me. I accepted her macrobiotic challenge and learnt how to cook the foods. At first the food was pleasant but a bit bland. I missed my sugary foods, breads and deserts. However as time went by my enjoyment of my new macrobiotic foods increased and any longings for my old diet weakened. Within six weeks I noticed a gradual improvement in my health.

better health

I was surprised to find my digestion and bowel movements greatly improved even though I was not aware of any problems before. My energy levels increased and where there used to be a heavy feeling, sometimes accompanied by a mild headache I now felt lighter and freer. It was as though a great weight holding me back was lifted. By the third month I had no re-occurrence of the gout and I felt more secure about my heart.

macrobiotic education in the US

Naturally I continued with my macrobiotic diet and went to more classes, learning more about the ideas behind macrobiotic thinking. Melanie had now married a well know macrobiotic teacher and counsellor called Denny Waxman. My macrobiotic journey took a huge leap forward when Denny asked me to join him in running a macrobiotic centre in Philadelphia in 1984. I move to America and immersed myself in a complete macrobiotic lifestyle, running courses, helping Denny with his counselling and of course continuing to eat macrobiotic foods.

There was strong macrobiotic community in Philadelphia and I met many people who had recovered from all kinds of illnesses – arthritis, cancer, diabetes, asthma, eczema, migraines, ovarian cysts, heart disease, digestive disorders. I was able to see first hand the amazing healing powers the macrobiotic diet had. People who had been given a death sentence after the diagnosis of terminal cancer had managed to reverse the condition.

studies with Michio, Aveline and Shizuko

I was still experiencing significant improvements in my health and witnessing the extraordinary range of benefits other people enjoyed. During this time I was able to study with Michio Kushi, generally recognised as the main authority on macrobiotics. His lectures were always a revelation, I came out feeling my mind had been stretched and expanded in ways I did not think possible.

I also used to assist Michio with his consultations where I could see first hand how he would design a specific macrobiotic diet for each person. I also enjoyed many macrobiotic cooking classes with Michio’s wife Aveline and twice a week helped cook macrobiotic meals for the ninety or so people that came to the centre for macrobiotic dinners. I learnt shiatsu with Shizuko Yamamoto and started giving treatments. For those two years in America all I did was study, work and talk macrobiotics. Michio helped me take my macrobiotic journey to the next step.

macrobiotics in London

In 1986 I was invited back to London to run the Community Health Foundation, Europe’s largest natural health centre at the time with a macrobiotic clinic, teaching rooms, cooking school, foods shop, bookshop and restaurant. Here you could learn anything from tai chi to acupuncture. I was able to continue my connection with Shizuko Yamamoto and the Kushis as they became regular special macrobiotic teachers and counsellors in London. In addition I was able to invite Tomio Kikuchi, Herman and Cornelia Aihara, Takashi Yoshikawa, along with other renown teachers, to run macrobiotic and related courses in London.

going freelance

In London I started my own macrobiotic consultation practice and taught on macrobiotic courses. The culmination of this phase was writing a book with Doctor Hugh Faulkner, ‘Against All Odds’ charting his recovery from pancreatic cancer. He was given three months to live but through his own macrobiotic journey enjoyed another seven years of good health, eventually dying in his mid eighties.

children and books

Since 1993 my macrobiotic journey took me to a more family orientated phase, where I became a full time author. I have continued to live a macrobiotic lifestyle bringing up four boys and helping others start their macrobiotic journeys. I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a successful career as a feng shui consultant writing many books on the subject. Writing my book Modern Day Macrobiotics takes me back to my roots and in Modern Day Macrobiotics I want to give you the benefit of more than twenty-years experience eating macrobiotically, helping thousands of other people with macrobiotic diets and raising my own family. I leter went on to write Macrobiotics For Life.

teaching and training

In 2009 I started running macrobiotic training courses in London and have taught many people to become macrobiotic cooks, coaches and teachers. I have taught throughout Europe as well as in the USA and Japan. Melanie and I still continue our macrobiotic journey together. She teaches on my macrobiotic training courses and we sometimes travel together and jointly teach on courses.

start your own macrobiotic journey

I am happy to help you start your own macrobiotic journey. Call 07543663227 or email to discuss the best options for you.