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holistic help

holistic help – online and in London

Simon provides a range of services the can be combined to provide complete holistic help. You can combine a wide range of subjects including feng shui, macrobiotics, healing, connection therapy, shiatsu, EFT, face reading, nine ki astrology, positive thinking, health coaching and meditation – online and in London.

holistic help sessions London

A typical holistic help session with Simon will last 60 minutes. Depending on your situation Simon can combine various subjects to help you benefit from a more holistic approach to your healing. Usually three or four subjects is best.

For example someone feeling very stressed might find that connection therapy, meditation, EFT and a shiatsu, healing treatment might be idea. Another person wanting to lose weight might find that macrobiotics, positive thinking, EFT and health coaching works best.

Each 1 hour session costs £60. These can be online using FaceTime or Skype, or in person in London. You can have as many sessions as you need.

holistic health days London

You can create a holistic help health day by combining various subjects. This could typically include;

  • A Personal Holistic Health Session / Connection Therapy
  • Tea Meditation
  • Macrobiotic Cooking
  • Mindful Lunch
  • Meditation
  • Face Reading or Feng Shui
  • Shiatsu / Healing

The day can typically be 10am to 3pm or 11am to 4pm and the cost is £195. You may request earlier or later start times. This includes written recommendations and further reading along with ongoing advice by email or phone.

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Click on a course below to learn more about the subjects that could make up your holistic health session or day:

 to book a session or day

To book your holistic help session or day call Simon on 07543663227 or email. Feel free to ask for more information and discuss personal concerns.

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