Using Feng Shui with Plants

using feng shui with plants

As we pass the spring equinox (March 20th) it becomes a perfect time to use feng shui with plants. We come to a time of year when nature is bursting into life and there is an overall up feeling. New shoots are appearing and spring flowers growing up through the new grass. This is described by ‘wood’ in the five elements. In feng shui this is associated with feeling more positive, optimistic and enthusiastic. As the winter recedes we begin to enjoy those first warmer, sunny days and engage with nature again.

If you want to bring more of this spring feeling into your home I suggest you grow new indoor plants. Try planting seeds, growing your own herbs, bringing in a new plant or decorating your home with spring flowers.

Plants have been shown to reduce stress in offices and can contribute to creating a healthier atmosphere. They clean the air and add a very small amount of oxygen to a room. Some plants will add a pleasurable essence to a room.

From a feng shui perspective they bring more living energy into a space. You may find that new plants in a room help you feel closer to nature. Flowering plants and fresh flowers can be an influence on our mood and help us feel different.

You can be creative in how you choose to pot your plants. Find containers that will hold your interest and be something you can engage with. Interesting shapes, colours and textures will all make a room more engaging and potentially help you develop a more enjoyable experience of using the room. The principles of wabi sabi can help in this project.

Growing several different plants in the same larger pot can create an interesting micro garden in your own home. An artistic arrangement can be created using driftwood, stones, gravel or ornaments. Plants can be part of an imaginative and creative expression of yourself and carry this expression into your home.

In feng shui practice, the emotions and energetic state we bring to something is radiated into the room. So if you enjoy the process of planting, and do it with love, that is the energy you will fill the room with.

Let yourself go and add a variety of interesting plants, in fascinating containers, all arranged creatively and see if the room feels a little more like spring. Be aware of how you feel in that space.

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