Feng Shui Tuition London

Feng Shui Tuition London Example of strong fire chi

Feng Shui Tuition London Example of strong fire chi

feng shui tuition london with Simon Brown

Personal feng shui tuition London with best selling author Simon Brown. These can be from a one day introduction to a full ten day certificate course. The courses can be in person in London, UK or online using Skype or Facetime.

The course will be designed to meet your specific feng shui training needs and I will help you design the most appropriate feng shui course from the outset.

You can choose from a feng shui menu below.


  • Understanding what feng shui is and how it works.
  • An overview of all the various styles of feng shui.
  • The ethics of helping others with feng shui.
  • The principles of feng shui, yin and yang, five, elements, trigrams, lo shu, directions. Their uses and limitations.
  • Sensing chi energy. Learning to feel and see chi in a person and home.
  • Constructing a floor plan in Microsoft PowerPoint and writing a report.
  • Consultation techniques, developing your own methodology.
  • Feng shui cures – What they are and how to apply them.
  • Feng Shui Healing – Using special feng shui features to create an atmosphere where each person can best succeed in life.
  • Feng Shui Interior Design – Using colours, materials, lighting, textures, furniture, imagery and flooring to create the ideal atmosphere in each room.
  • Feng Shui Architecture – Location, design, layout, windows, doors, materials, eco technology, form, proportion and features to create the ideal building.
  • Applying feng shui to businesses.
  • Nine ki astrology applied to relationships, timing and directions.
  • Practice of applying all you have learnt to homes, offices, and shops or restaurants.
  • Real life assessment of public spaces. When possible we will include teaching in various cafes. restaurants and galleries so that we can use our experience of the spaces as part of the course.
  • Where possible I will take you out on a real feng shui consultation.
  • Follow up and mentoring. Supervision of your feng shui consultations.

feng shui tuition at your home

The feng shui tuition is normally held in Shoreditch, London but can be arranged so that at least one day is at your home, which allows your home to be used for a feng shui consultation.

online and guided self study feng shui courses

Your online feng shui course can be organised in one hour sections via Facetime or Skype. This includes reading material and on-going support by email. Click for more information on online feng shui course

feng shui tuition London fees

My feng shui tuition London fee is £195 for each day. There is an additional cost for the option of travelling to your home in London and UK.

Online tuition is £60 per one hour class and this includes reading material and email support. For more go to online feng shui course

practical information for feng shui tuition London

The courses are run at 3 Marlow House, Calvert Street, London E2 7JL or you can opt to have the course at your home, or a mixture of both.

I typical day starts at 10am finishing at 4pm. Your feng shui tuition London will include having lunch together and using the experience to learn more about the feng shui of the cafe or restaurant.

I will provide you with a PowerPoint templates for your feng shui drawings and reports.

You will need to bring paper, pen, coloured pencils and compass.

To discuss your feng shui tuition call Simon on 07543663227 or email using our contact page

feng shui tuition London reviews

I am the master coordinator of one of the best Feng Shui Courses in Portugal and senior Feng Shui consultant with an extensive experience. It is an honour to reference Simon Brown, who has been a great inspiration for me, not only as a teacher but also as a great professional and a wonderful human being. He really was an influence on how I went onto starting my own Feng Shui consultancy and teaching, and how I now run the IMP School.

As one of the head teachers of our Feng Shui Course, Simon Brown as a remarkable style of teaching, combining both the knowledge of Feng Shui with his great care with students. I also highlight his sensitivity and his contemporary approach to Feng Shui. Our Feng Shui Course in one of the most complete, not only in Portugal but also in Europe. Many of our students come from architecture, design and other professional areas, and become very proactive promoting and improving Feng Shui in their lives.

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Alexandre Gama – IMP School Lisbon – 08/04/14

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