The sprong equinox is on the 20th of March and is when the midday sun moves over the equator. For many it is the beginning of spring.

This is when the whole planet experiences the same equal proportion of light and dark. It is a moment of harmony. In this sense it could be a helpful time to explore ways to resolve conflicts, create healthy connections with people and be kinder.

In terms of chi, this is when the fading yin phase of the annual cycle crosses over to a growing yang energy, and is when we experience wood chi in the five elements. It is a powerful change point, from being more still, to feeling the rising energy of enthusiasm, interest and action.

If we learn from nature, this is a time for growth, activity and making our dreams a reality.

This combines to make it an ideal time to start new projects, embrace change and look for new ways to develop ourselves. In nautre it would be a time to loose weight, become active and increase our fitness.

The image I have is of new shoots growing up, the colour green, freshness and the feeling of exciting times to come.