Feng shui sitting positions


In feng shui there are various place to sit within a room that put us in a more powerful position. So what the most powerful sitting positions in a room?

The place we sit in a room can influence our relationship with the room and how we feel there. Our position within the room and our relationship to the windows and doors are important factors in determining how we feel. In addition our position relative to each other influences how we interact.

Different parts of a room will have different chi or atmosphere and the chi can be described in terms of yin and yang and the five elements.


Ideally we would sit with our back to a wall so that most of the room is in front of us. We can think of this as protecting our back and having as much as possible happening in front.


Sitting with our back to a corner provides a greater feeling of security and places us in a more contained chi.


The optimum would be to sit with an easy view of the windows and doors, as these are places of activity in a room. Sitting where there is activity behind us can be distracting and create insecurity.


We can group chairs so that several people can easily interact. Ideally they will all be in powerful positions within the room, whilst being able to see each other.


The compass direction we face when we sit, also exposes us to a particular form of chi. For example facing south we would benefit from more sunny, summery energy, whilst north more quiet, wintery energy. Similarly facing east exposes us to the atmosphere of the sun rise, whereas west to the sun set. Click for more on feng shui directions.


Once we have found a powerful place to sit in room, we can arrange art so that we have inspiring, uplifting and happy images to help us create an enjoyable mood.


Having plants close to a place we will sit will help us benefit from their living chi and the plants are helpful at keeping chi moving, whilst slowing fast moving chi.


Desks can be turned so that we face into the room. Ideally the desk will have items on it that do not obstruct our view of the room.


Mirrors can be used to help us see a view, or part of the room that would otherwise be out of sight from our chosen seating position.


Having an island unit means we can cook facing into the room, enjoying a more powerful position and views. It also makes it easier to interact with guests.


It can be fun to try to find your ideal seating position in various work and public places and be aware of how you feel there. Note which are the most popular seats in a restaurant or cafe. Try arranging meetings so that everyone can clearly see each other and be aware of the influence on the meeting.


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