Feng Shui remedies

feng shui remedies - plant in front of corner

feng shui remedies – plant in front of corner

applying feng shui remedies

Feng shui is often used in a healing capacity, where various feng shui remedies used to change the energy of a place. These can be applied to relationships, careers, wealth, health, stress and creativity as requested.

typical feng shui remedies

You can read more on common feng shui remedies by clicking the links below.

feng shui and human body

Interestingly the same models that are used in feng shui to locate the various types of chi in a home are similar to models used to discover the chi in different parts of the human body. This makes it possible to us feng shui in a healing mode where the relationship between home and body can be used to better understand how we respond to our living spaces. Out this we can use various feng shui remedies to change the chi of specific areas within the home.

feng shui and emotions

Chinese models directly link human emotions to various five elements,  trigrams and 8 directions. This helps us explore how various emotions might be influenced by our lifestyles and homes. Sometimes subtle fine tuning helps us feel different at home.

feng shui and life

The 8 directions in feng shui gives us clues as to how we may relate to different parts of our home. A simple example would be the sunny south side of our home or the shady north side. The south becomes more energising, stimulating and vibrant, whereas the north more relaxing, quiet and peaceful. We can choose where to spend more time, what activities are best in different areas and what to put in each direction, depending on the qualities there. These 8 directions extends this to 8 different aspects of life, and we can stimulate or calm each depending on what we need to succeed in life.

learning feng shui with online tutorials

If you wish to learn feng shui you can use the feng shui information in this site as part of an online feng shui course by arranging online tutorials with Simon Brown. You will be able to learn feng shui quickly and efficiently through a mixture of reading along with supervised practice and projects. Simon will guide you through the whole process of learning feng shui online.