Feng Shui principles

feng shui principles

feng shui principles

feng shui principles with Simon Brown

To learn the basic feng shui principles read the following pages. These will take you on a journey through the basics of feng shui. Once you fully understand what feng shui is and how it works you will be able to start learning how to apply it. This is essential to create a strong foundation for learning feng shui. These basic feng shui principles combine with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chines philosophy, macrobiotics, face reading and more to create a holistic approach to making the most of our lives.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics you can go onto to explore using feng shui for health, relationships, wealth, happiness and greater success in life.

You will also learn how to apply feng shui to interior design and architecture.

learning feng shui with online tutorials

If you wish to learn feng shui you can use the feng shui information in this site as part of an online feng shui course by arranging online tutorials with Simon Brown. You will be able to learn feng shui quickly and efficiently through a mixture of reading along with supervised practice and projects. Simon will guide you through the whole process of learning feng shui online.