Feng Shui New Year


Like most cultures, feng shui practitioners have observed nature and seen that nature follows a cycle of seasons and that winter is a time of death and birth. We see so much of nature recede back to the ground in the winter, only to sprout and return, afresh in the spring. This transition in nature has long been held as a metaphor for our own renewal, as a time for change and a place in the cycle of the seasons where we can best refresh our own lives.


For many of us the new year starts on the first of January, however, this is a fairly arbitrary date. Many original calendars were based on the sun and the seasons. This would place the middle of winter and winter solstice on the 21st or 22nd of December. The spring equinox then occurs on the 21st or 22nd of March. In China where a solar calendar was popular, the New Year began half way between the winter solstice and spring equinox. This is typically the 4th of February but in some years it can occur on the 3rd or 5th of February when using our current Gregorian calendar. This is the date that is used in feng shui to mark the new year. The idea is that this time represents that part of nature╒s cycle when the new energy of nature is waking from the winter. For more on feng shui cycle read about the five elements and the lunar cycle or watch a film clip of a lecture on yin and yang and the five elements

If you live in the southern hemisphere the energy of the 4th of February would be similar to natures cycle close to the 5th of November. More recently the Chinese added in the lunar cycle so that the Chinese new year now falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice.


The idea is that around the 4th of February nature is beginning to renew again, and that as we are surrounded by her rising energy, we are better able start new projects of our own. The feng shui new year then becomes a time to explore new careers, new ways to develop ourselves, and new activities.

This is a common time to consider our health and try out some form of detox, weight loss, or improve our health. Perhaps exploring the possible health benefits of macrobiotics or the stress free living offered by wabi sabi. If you have been seeking some kind of change in life, early February would in feng shui theory be a supportive time to put it into action.


We can enhance the energy of change and renewal in our homes by having a spring clean, clearing out any unwanted clutter, and bringing in new young plants.

Ultimately if we were to refresh the atmosphere of our home at the beginning of February, and then keep a date like the 5th of February clear for our own renewal, we increase our ability to use the natural forces of nature to help us feel greater motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm to embrace change and take on something new.

Try thinking about your life before going to sleep on the 4th of February. Play with different possibilities. Keep an open mind and enjoy being able to expand your horizons. Try a short meditation as you go to sleep. In the morning relax and be aware of any ideas that come into your mind. During the 5th get absorbed in living life through your senses and as it happens. As you connect to your home, nature and friends let any new thoughts come to your mind naturally. Towards the end of the day reflect on the kind of thoughts you have had and be open to any intuitive message that could be insightful for the year ahead.

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