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Feng Shui London Entrance to restaurant

Feng Shui London Entrance to restaurant

feng shui London with Simon Brown

Best selling author Simon Brown has over 24 years of experience and is one of the most accomplished practitioners for feng shui London. Simon is available to help you better succeed in life through feng shui.

Simon has helped thousands of people with feng shui advice, written best selling feng shui books and contributed to the development of the Feng Shui Society. Simon is available to help you with your house, flat, studio apartment and office.

Simon is based in London but travels throughout the UK and Europe for feng shui consultations and teaching. He also provides an online feng shui report by Skype / FaceTime and email.

feng shui London courses

Simon provides feng shui London courses on a one to one basis and to small groups. These can be arranged to suit your needs and at a mutually convenient time. Your training will be made up of a wide range of learning processes, including discussion, lectures, written work, practice, drawings, sensing chi and mindfulness exercises so that your mind will be engaged in a way that that makes it easy to absorb new information. There will be breaks for meditation and time to develop your sensitivity, awareness and consciousness to the atmospheres of different rooms. Courses include site visits and exploring a variety of buildings. Click for more on feng shui courses

personal feng shui London tuition

One to one personal feng shui London tuition often results in you learning the course material two to three times quicker than in a larger group. Simon will be able to give you full personal attention and adjust the teaching to best suit your style of learning. Some of the teaching will be carried out at cafes, restaurants and public spaces, such as art galleries to use the different interiors as real examples of feng shui. Personal feng shui London tuition can be a mix of Skype / FaceTime sessions, guided self study and in person tuition. Click for more on feng shui tuition

online feng shui consultations and courses

Simon provides a full range of online feng shui consultations, tuition, consultations and advice. Click for more on online feng shui consultations or online feng shui courses

business feng shui London

Simon is well known for his business feng shui London projects as well in Italy, Athens and Paris. Simon’s business feng shui clients include corporations such as British Airways, The Body Shop, Heron International, Aveda, Air France, Interbrand, Newell and Sorrell… His approach to feng shui projects is constructive, positive and practical. Simon often works with architects and interior designers. Click for more on business feng shui

international feng shui teaching

Simon travels throughout Europe to Copenhagen, Aarhus, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lisbon, Valencia and Athens giving feng shui talks and seminars. Sign up for the Chi Energy newsletter to find out more about new courses.

media feng shui expert

Simon is regularly employed by the media as a feng shui expert, writing for the Express, Spirit and Destiny, Cosmopolitan…

talk to Simon about feng shui London

Please call 07543663227 or email Simon if you want to discuss learning feng shui or having a consultation.

feng shui London reviews

I have met Simon Brown on two different courses, where he taught in the basics of Feng Shui, but also with focus on specific topics such as Business Feng Shui, Inner Feng Shui and Macrobiotics among others.

Simon has a wide knowledge of Feng Shui and you can easily tell, to him it is a way of living.
He is a very good teacher, humble in his way of teaching and giving us student’s free space to ask questions. It makes it a varied tuition, mixed with discussions based on our issues.

I´am a trained consultant, and Simon has given me a deeper view of Feng Shui, which helps me to look upon life (physically as well as in thought) in a completely new and holistic way. In turn it has improved my consulting and facilitated the dialog with my clients.

I have brought a few “gems” home with me after each course and I warmly recommend any of Simon’s courses. If you have the opportunity and regardless of whether you are a curious beginner or already have knowledge of Feng Shui, I believe you will find it worthwhile to meet Simon Brown!

Marianne Jensen Rose – Sweden- 20/05/14

Simon is a wonderful teacher and has great wisdom in the art of Feng Shui. I studied privately with him for a month, using my own home as a case study. I wanted to learn how Feng Shui could complement my new Domestic Detox consultancy. While Domestic Detox can help reduce the toxins from one’s home drastically improving the health and wellness of its occupants, I wanted to further my knowledge on how to increase the energy and positive well-being of a home. As our living spaces influence our well-being, by changing our space we are changing our life – for the better. Also it was wonderful learning how Feng Shui can be tailored depending on where a person is in their life – age, location, etc. Thank you Simon for your insight into this beautiful art and science.

Leslie Saglio – London – 04/04/14 –  http://www.lesliesaglio.com

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