feng shui interior design

feng shui interior design - bathroom

feng shui interior design – bathroom

feng shui interior design

Using feng shui interior design focusses on the people or living or working in a space. The intention is to use interior design to create the best atmosphere for each person to best succeed in life. It is a form of humanistic or psychological design where the interior works for and serves the people and their needs.

when to use feng shui interior design

It is best to use feng shui interior design at the beginning of a project to create broad intentions on what will make each room successful. This information will then define the interior design. It is very easy to work with Interior Designers and Architects using feng shui interior design. Feng shui interior design is best used when redecorating, renovating, moving or creating a new building.

how to apply feng shui interior design

The process begins with exploring what you want to achieve in a room. This could be greater concentration, being more social, feeling expressive, good sleep, stronger motivation, less stress… Once the intentions are created it is a question of applying interior design in a way that delivers rooms that help succeed.

 typical interior design projects

I have used feng shui interior design for residential decoration, renovations and make overs. I work a lot with businesses who move offices and want to make the new office serve their teams better. I have considerable experience working with architects on new projects, including airport terminals, offices, shops, apartment blocks and restaurants. Click here for my clients list.

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feng shui interior design with Simon Brown

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