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feng shui information new flat

feng shui information new flat

feng shui information with Simon Brown

The aim of feng shui is to create a home or work place where you can best succeed in life. Essentially the space will feed you with everything you need to do more with less effort. To apply the feng shui information, begin by working out what you need to succeed. Is it to be more motivated, to feel less stressed, to team work better, to be expressive… Once we know what is required we can begin to create an atmosphere that will best create those qualities.

feng shui information – principles

This feng shui information section introduces you to the basic feng shui principles. This is the basis for the rest of the feng shui information in this site.

 feng shui information – cures and remedies

Feng shui is used to change the atmosphere or energy of a space to be better for the people living or working there in terms of relationships, health, wealth and success. The aim is to create the ultimate space to make the very best of the rest of our lives.

feng shui information – interior design

When we redecorate or refurbish a home or work place we have a great opportunity to change the feng shui of the space. We can use feng shui to help choose colours, lighting, furniture,

feng shui information – articles

Feng Shui in the Southern Hemisphere

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