Feng Shui Course London

Feng Shui Course London

Feng Shui Course London

 feng shui course London with best selling author Simon Brown

Feng shui course London with best selling author Simon Brown, feng shui consultant for The Body Shop, British Airways, Aveda, Heron International and landmark London buildings.

You can adjust your feng shui course London to be an introductory weekend or through to a complete feng shui training.

This feng shui training is designed to help you get started as a feng shui practitioner. The training takes you through everything you need, to be able to understand the needs of a feng shui client and how you can alter the atmosphere in his or her home in a way that will help them overcome his or her challenges in life.


Understanding what feng shui is and how it works.

An overview of all the various styles of feng shui.

The ethics of helping others with feng shui.

The principles of feng shui, chi, yin and yang, five elements, trigrams, directions.

Sensing chi energy. Learning to feel and see chi in a person and home.

Constructing a floor plan and writing a report.

Consultation techniques, developing your own methodology.

Feng shui cures. What they are and how to apply them.

Feng shui design. Using colour, materials, form, lighting and proportions in the design for redecoration or during renovation.

Feng Shui Architecture. Being able to choose a site, orientation and layout of a home. Understanding the various influences of windows, doors, materials, bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, eco heating and insulation.

EMF. Making readings of electro magnetic fields and being able to reduce fields where people sleep, work or sit.

Applying feng shui to businesses. This includes offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Nine ki astrology applied to relationships, timing and directions.

Practice applying all you have learnt to homes, offices, and shops or restaurants.

Real life assessment of public spaces.

Where possible I will take you out on a real feng shui consultation.

Follow up and mentoring. Supervision of your feng shui consultations.

feng shui course London fee

My fee for each day is £195 and you will typically need 10 days of study plus supervised self study and experience. If you have already studied feng shui or just want to study specific aspect of feng shui you can arrange a course for one or more days as suits you. You can also slect parts of the syllabus that are of greatest interest and value to you.

practical information for your feng shui course London

The courses are run at 3 Marlow House, Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JL UK

I typical day starts at 10am finishing at 5pm with a break for lunch.

I will provide you with templates for your feng shui drawings and reports.

You will need to bring paper, pen, coloured pencils and compass.


To discuss your feng shui course London with Simon call 07543663227 or email at our contact page


I have been to nine of Simon Brown’s feng shui courses. His approach is very friendly, relaxed, open and holistic. He is able to explain complicated or new concepts in a simple way. To make sure that everyone has understood, he asks questions along the way so you translate the knowledge you just received into you own thinking. His teaching is characterized by his huge experience and knowledge of feng shui. He always knows an example from real life and the feng shui becomes practical, down to earth and interesting. He inspired me to start my own feng shui business.

Tine Weis – denmark 08/04/14 – www.fengshui-energy.dk

Simon Brown conducted two feng shui seminars for the school. One in 2013 on the subject of Business Feng Shui and one in 2014 on the subject of Inner Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Macrobiotics and The Five Elements.

The two seminars were well received by the participants. On the first occasion the practicals were particularly helpful, looking at shops and buildings outdoors. Also the exercises indoors, understanding the flow of chi in the room and in the body were very good and “outside the box”. We also had several very much appreciated tea ceremonies to understand the core of wabi sabi.

The dominant feedback was that Simon is a good teacher, relaxed and very easy to follow. He is careful to ensure that all the participants understand what he is saying and he is clear in his explanations of the subject. His knowledge of Feng Shui shines through every time he speaks. From Simon I have learned that it´s possible to be famous in his area of expertise and still be humble, serving his students.

We have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker and facilitator for any Feng Shui event.

Susanna Utbult Nordic School of Feng Shui Sweden – 03/04/14 – www.nordic-fengshui.com

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