Feng Shui Consultant London

Feng Shui Consultant London

Feng Shui Consultant London

feng shui consultant London and UK with Simon Brown

Get expert feng shui advice from Simon Brown, feng shui consultant London and UK. Simon is a best selling author. He has helped The Body Shop, British Airways, Airports and some of London’s landmark buildings, along with people living in studio flats, apartments, and houses with feng shui. Call 07543663227 to discuss how feng shui could be applied to your situation. Simon Brown provides a complete feng shui consultation and feng shui design service in London and throughout the UK.

There are 3 types of feng shui consultation;

Healing Feng Shui

To arrange your home so it is more supportive to being successful in life. This does not cost very much to implement and requires minimal changes to your home. It can include plants, water feature, images, positioning of furniture and other items, fresh flowers, sea salt, candles as well as reducing EMF. This options is suitable for rented homes or a room within a family home.

Feng Shui Design

Use this option when you wish to use feng shui to help decorate or renovate your home in a way that creates the ideal atmpshere to be happy. This include colours, flooring, lighting, layout of rooms, placement of kitchens and bathrooms, along with the items used in a healing feng shui. This option can be used working alongside architects and interior designers.

Feng Shui Architecture

For new build projects in which we can use feng shui to create plans for the ideal home. This includes the orientation of the home, layout of rooms, entrances, windows, materials, eco heating, along with items from feng shui design and healing feng shui.

your feng shui consultant London and UK

Simon will visit your home to collect all the feng shui information he will need. You will have an in depth talk about everything you are doing now and all the things you would like to do with your life. You can tell Simon about any problems you are having and explain any changes you want to make to your home. You can also tell Simon how you would like to feel at home. He will take compass readings, walk through your home with you, measure up your home if you do not have floor plans, discuss your objectives in life and explore any plans you have for your home. Ultimately Simon will want you to tell him what it is you would most like to change about yourself to be more successful in life. He will then work with you to explore what kind of feng shui changes we can make in your home to bring about a significant and lasting change to your own energy.

your feng shui report

Simon will provide you with a feng shui floor plan of each floor of your home with all your feng shui recommendations marked on these drawings. In addition you will receive a six or seven page feng shui report which includes a feng shui survey of your home, an explanation of the recommendations on the drawing, your feng shui astrology phase for this year and the next three years and your best directions for this year.

feng shui consultant London and UK fees

The fee for your feng shui consultant London and UK depends on the size of your home. If you can tell me how many bedrooms you have, how many floors and where you live I can give you an exact quote. Typical fees are;

  • Small studio flat £195
  • One bedroom apartment £245
  • Two bedroom apartment £295
  • Three to four bedroom apartment £395
  • Two to four bedroom flat with two floors £495
  • Two bedroom house £395
  • Three to four bedroom house £495
  • Five to Six bedroom house £595

Feel free to call Simon on 07543663227 to discuss your home and fees. You can send an email using our contact form

feng shui consultation review

Simon has a a very down to earth approach to Feng Shui which really takes all the great insights from the past and makes it relevant to the future. He also, takes great care to connect with you personally and to draw out the issues most important to you.

Since his visit , he has transformed the energy in our home and many changes have occurred in our lives for the better, mainly being the birth of our much desired second child.

He is also very generously at hand with support and advise even after many months have passed, to ensure that everything stays
on track.

Needless to say Simon Brown comes highly recommended.

Brian & Faye UK 08/04/14

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