Feng Shui astrology

feng shui astrology

feng shui astrology

feng shui astrology

Feng shui astrology looks at the best timing for events. This combines time with space in terms of being successful in life. Feng Shui astrology is based on the same models as feng shui, so it is easy to explore the best time to do something, along with integrated feng shui recommendations for your home or work place at the same time.

This form of astrology is based on a cycle of 9. The idea is that from conception to birth we experienced 9 lunar cycles. These cycles occurs whilst our mind, heart and nervous system were developing. The result being that we are imprinted with a cycle of 9. Every 9 months or years we go through a repeating pattern and this predicates us to certain behaviours. Once know we can use this information to do more with less effort.

Feng shui astrology is ideal for advice on relationships, the timing of important events in your life and moving.

The feng shui astrology new year starts on 4th February and you may feel a shift in your outlook on life around this time.

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By careful nine ki astrology analysis of two peoples nine ki charts and the time the relationship started it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship. This can be an invaluable guide to helping overcome any problems between people. The idea is to work to your

combined strengths and find ways to overcome your differences. I have found nine ki astrology to be a valuable tool in understanding how a couple can succeed together and create a harmonious energy between them.

The more you can understand each other the easier it is to find ways to make a relationship happier for each of you. This can be applied to any kind of relationship including family, lovers, business or friends.


Any important event can have a dramatic influence on the rest of your life.

A career change, starting and business, getting married are all examples of this. In the theory of nine ki astrology it is important to choose a time when your own energy is best suited to making of success of something new.

The idea is to use the forces of nature so you are swimming with the tide rather than against it. Everyone will have experienced times when big things flow easily and times when everything seems a struggle. Nine Ki astrology is used to try a and predict those times when you can achieve success more easily.


Each year certain directions will become favorable to you. To move home in one of these direction will enhance your own energy which can give you greater strength to do what you want in life. It is therefore helpful to use nine ki astrology to find out which directions will be helpful to when you are planning a move.

This can also be applied to your career. If you are looking for a new job, starting a business or moving office you can focus your efforts in one of the directions that in terms of nine ki astrology is most favorable?for you at that time.

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