face reading relationships

face reading relationships

face reading relationships

face reading relationships

Author Simon Brown has more than 35 years experience in face reading relationships. You have the choice of an online reading or visit Simon in Shoreditch, London E2 for a face reading in person.

find your individual strengths with face reading

You can apply your face reading to any decisions you are facing or to help with health issues. The aim is to get new perspective on life and make better informed decisions. Your face reading will help you identify your strengths and how to make the most of them and be more successful. It is one way to help reveal your natural, authentic self.

face reading relationships London or online

Two people can arrange a face reading London in person or online to help find how to best enjoy a constructive, harmonious and loving relationship. This is an excellent way to discover your greatest strengths as a team and how to bridge differences.

use face reading with feng shui, macrobiotics, health…

As face reading is based on yin and yang, as well as the five elements it is easy to integrate a reading into areas of life that include nutrition, feng shui, colours, activities and work. This can help create closer and deeper relationships. If you have any burning questions about your relationship Simon will include suggestions based on your reading.

online face reading relationships

For online face readings email at least six pictures including one in profile and at least one completely relaxed, non smiling, face on picture of both people in a relationships and Simon will give a face reading reading by phone, Facetime or skype.

online face reading relationships fee

The fee for a couple is £60 and takes an hour.

face reading relationships London

Visit Simon in Shoreditch, London for face reading relationships. Fee £60 for 2 people for a one hour session.

face reading London and online bookings

To make a booking call +44 (0) 75432 663 227 or fill-out our online form

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