face reading eyes

In literature eyes are romanticised to be the window to the soul. When face reading, eyes can be just as transparent. In face reading, eyes – along with the mouth – are a feature that moves on the face. For this reason they will attract out attention and the way someone moves their eyes provides clues to their character.

It is thought that the first feature a baby sees on his or her mother’s face are the eyes. Looking at a person’s eyes has a greater significance because people naturally have more emotion connected with looking at eyes. Someone who is nervous or shy will find it harder to look into someone’s eye than any other feature.

As always face reading can be ethical, life enhancing, positive and constructive.

When reading about face reading it will help to read about the five elements and chi.

face reading eyes (small)

Smaller eyes are a sign that the person is precise, accurate and good with details. It would please them to see things that look orderly, neat and have some structure. In some people you may feel their eye can almost see straight through you. These people are often very perceptive and find it easy to judge a character.

These people will often have the ability to concentrate and focus on one subject well. They like to study a subject and research in depth. They can become bored easily if they feel something is too superficial or trivial. Someone with small eyes will naturally have more five element metal chi.

face reading eyes (large)

Larger eyes suggest the person is more open and easier to get to know. They will often feel comfortable revealing many aspects of the character and enjoy an open discussion on all aspects of life. These people will appear more gentle, kind and accessible. Other people will feel they are easy to trust and will often feel comfortable sharing their own problems with them.

They will be social and enjoy discussing a range of topics, generally preferring variety to in depth research. These people have more five element fire chi often being creative and imaginative.

face reading eyes set close together

People with eyes set close together will find they have great powers of concentration. They can develop accuracy and precision easily as they are able to follow a repetitive structure. These people tend to be direct and get to the point quickly. These are characteristics of greater five element wood chi.

face reading eyes spaced wide apart

Eyes set wide apart is associated with someone who is broad minded and likes far ranging open discussions. They will often have more liberal attitudes to life. These people will be drawn towards big subjects including philosophies, big social issues and spiritual ideologies. They can move easily from one subject to another and be involved in many different things. These people have more five element earth and fire chi.

face reading eyes with short lashes

People with short eye lashes will often be practical and down to earth. They will tend to be more realistic and like to see a tangible outcome to their endeavours. They may be more physically active and tend to work through problems in life. When involved in confrontations or disputes they will be more likely to see it as the others person’s problem rather than take anything too personally. These are all signs of having more five element metal chi.

face reading eyes with long lashes

Long eye lashes are a sign that someone is more sensitive. They will often be sensitive towards others and have a gentle side to their character. These people will tend to shy away from confrontation. If criticized they may take any negative comment too seriously and let it affect their self esteem and confidence. These are all signs of having more five element fire chi.

face reading deep set eyes

People with deep set eyes will have a more mysterious appearance. This can make them particularly attractive to certain people who will feel they have great depth. They will be able to reveal little gems about themselves when they feel it is appropriate. These have more characteristics of the five element water chi.


Sometime we use blinking and even winking as a form of communication. We can use it to flirt and to give greater expression. Both draw attention to our eyes and encourage eye contact. We can be playful with blinking hinting at being shy or sometimes teasing. In this sense they draw attention and could be considered to have a greater aspect of the five element fire chi.

Someone who blinks relatively few times will have greater powers of concentration. They will seem self assured, self disciplined and in control. Some people will find them intimidating. This suggests more five element metal chi.

movement of eyes

Look carefully at the way people move their eyes. Some people’s eye will flit quickly, jumping from one thing to another. Others will rest on one subject for a length of time.

People whose eyes’ flit about quickly can appear nervous and frightened. It may be harder for them to concentrate and pay attention to whatever you are saying.

Someone whose eyes’ stare for long periods at one thing may be absorbed, focused and concentrated, or simply day dreaming.

A person who narrows their eyes’ whilst talking will can be a sign they are trying to focus all their energy on making a certain point.

Blinking and eye movement are examples of conditions that are usually temporary. They will change according to people’s emotional state. They are a useful indication of how someone may be feeling at that point in time.

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