Face Reading Ears

face reading ears

Like the eyes, lips, nose and cheeks, the ears are important sensory parts of the face. As such face reading ears is important to include in your overall diagnosis. The shape, size and position of our ears subtly alter how we hear.

Being static, we do not notice the ears as much as the dynamic eyes or lips, so they tend to provide more background information. The ears are very easy to read in terms of the five elements. We can use them to build up a better picture as to whether someone has more water, wood, earth or metal chi.

As always face reading can be ethical, life enhancing, positive and constructive.

When reading about face reading it will help to also read about the five elements and chi.

Ears continue to grow through adulthood, so older people naturally have larger ears. When using face reading take into account someone’s age.

face reading ears (small)

Smaller ears suggest a greater presence of metal chi, bring more focus and attention to detail. Someone with smaller ears may find it easier to pick out the specific things he or she wants in life and then put a greater amount of effort into making them a reality.

face reading ears (large)

Larger ear are associated with water chi. In chinese medicine the kidney, bladder and ears are connected with water chi of the night and winter. This healing energy represents health, sex and vitality, so someone with larger ears may have a strong constitution and a larger reserve of chi.

Generally, someone with larger ears, and more water chi, will enjoy exploring spiritual interests, be objective and like to see the big picture.

face reading ears sitting high on the head

Ears that sit higher on the side of the head are a sign of greater wood chi. This suggests the person will be more positive, inspired, intellectually stimulated and excited about new possibilities. Such a person will have a quick mind and enjoy being around people who think big.

Look at the top of the ear. If it is in line with the top of the eyes, or eyebrow, the top of the ear is relatively high. If the bottom of the ear is also level with the tip of the nose, this will confirm that the ear is set high on the head.

face reading ears sitting lower on the head

Ears that are positioned lower on the head indicate a greater presence of earth chi. This suggests the person is more practical, realistic, grounded and enjoys doing things. With this characteristic the person may be more patient, empathetic, caring, supportive and nurturing. This person may be good at working in teams and helping to include everyone.

Look at the top of the ears. If they are lower than the middle of the eye and the bottom of the ear is lower than the nose, the ears will be relatively low on the head.

face reading ears that are larger in the upper portion

Ears that look bigger in the upper third suggest a greater presence of wood chi. This indicates energy naturally moves up easily, helping the person create a lively, active mind. Such a person may enjoy study, intellectual conversations and thinking about life. This could predicate a person to interests in philosophy, spiritual practices, science, politics and astronomy.

These qualities are stronger if the ears are also positioned higher on the head.

face reading ears that are larger in the lower portion

Ears that are larger in the lower third, including the ear lobe, reflect a greater presence of earth chi. Here the person may feel more keen to do something with their ideas, and be more interested in thoughts that lead to some useful outcome. Such a person with a greater downward flow of energy, can be more interested in our connection to the earth, leading to more interest in food, farming, construction, health, gardening, manufacturing and crafts.

face reading ears that stick out

Ears that stick out, point forward and give greater attention to sounds in front. This suggests a desire to focus on moving forward, and exploring what is in front of us. We can claim this generally indicates more fire chi.

Such a person may be forward looking, futuristic, and solve problems in life by starting something new. This can lead to blind spots in terms of what is happening to the sides and rear, helping keep a strong focus on moving ahead. At the same time other people may not feel heard or included.

face reading prominent ears

Ears that are noticeable will suggest a greater presence of fire chi. These ears may be redder, sticking out, thicker and more obvious. Fire chi suggests the person will be more expressive, outgoing, social and colourful.

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Enjoy the beauty of our amazing faces, be observant and learn to appreciate other humans. Face reading is an amazing tool to develop greater understanding, emathy and connection.