Free Face Reading Class

free face reading class

We all face read and have spent our whole lives studying characters and matching them up with faces. This has been part of our sub-conscious instinct to protect ourselves. By studying face reading we can turn it into a conscious art and learn how to read faces in a way that the face reading information is readily available and useful.


Face reading has been used throughout the orient as a traditional form of diagnosis. In ancient times physician jobs were to help their patients avoid illness and live as long as possible. To do this they needed forms of non invasive diagnosis that would help them detect when someone was at risk of poor health. Facial diagnosis was one way to achieve this. In addition it can be used to read a person’s character. Once a reading has been made it is possible to provide advice on diet, lifestyle and natural remedies to help bring the person to a more healthy state of balance.


We already intuitively recognize when someone looks to be in poor health. Pale skin, dark bags under the eyes, pale lips, pale inner eyelids, grey skin tones, yellowing skin and a yellow hue to the whites of the eyes, a gaunt thin face, spots and pimples will each suggest to us through our natural face reading abilities that the person could be in better health.

As we see faces everyday during our daily lives we have a great opportunity to develop our face reading skills making this art of diagnosis ideal for getting real life experience and practice.


Interesting areas to explore are the whites of the eyes. Look for brown or dark patches, a general blue tint or a slight yellowing. Observe the skin just below the eyes. Sometimes this can appear dark, purple, translucent, swollen or pimply. See if the cheeks appear full, flushed, sallow, gaunt, grey or pale. Note whether the lips are thin, full, pale, red and whether there are lines around the lips.

At the beginning try to just get used to developing your ability to observe. Focus on noticing the differences from one face to another. Try not to use face reading to fuel any fears about health and I suggest you do not impose your observations on anyone else.


I use face reading as part of my macrobiotic consultations in London and the UK as part of an excellent non evasive way to read aspects of someone’s health. Face reading is a subjective art and not a replacement for medical diagnosis.

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