EFT – emotional freedom technique

what is EFT

EFT works by combining affirmations and acupressure points. This is done by repeating a phrase while acupressure points are activated.

EFT is used to treat a variety of conditions, including;

  • Phobias
  • stress
  • food cravings
  • weight loss
  • post traumatic stress
  • unresolved issues from the past
  • self image
  • allergies
  • self esteem
  • health issues that have a psychosomatic element


the assertion

Humans have an energy running through and around their bodies. This energy is influence by our emotions and ideas. At the same time the flow of energy around our bodies influences our feelings and thoughts so variations in our energy flow pushes us toward certain emotions and thoughts.

This energy system forms part of our subconscious and combines to create an extraordinary asset. This can allow us to carry out many complex tasks simultaneously whilst leaving our conscious mind free. For example we can drive a car, drink hot coffee and talk to a passenger all at the same time using our subconscious, and still be able to use our conscious mind to think of other things.

One of the ways our subconscious works is to learn through repetition and memory. Think of learning to ride a bicycle, skiing or playing a musical instrument. In addition we are always looking for our successful strategy in life and once we have found something that works, saves us or protects us during one event this can form part of our successful strategy in our subconscious memory. This could be a set of social skills developed to be popular at school, our reaction to perceived danger or the way we behave when criticised.

the proposition

At times of strong emotions our energy starts to behave differently; take on a new shape, concentrate in another part of the body and change intensity. If this energetic change becomes imprinted in our subconscious every time we are in a similar situation our energy will go back to the same pattern our subconscious assumes is one our successful strategies.

For example if we experienced a certain energy pattern whilst being rejected by one of our parents this energy pattern could then be re-experience whenever we think we are being rejected even though this may no longer be appropriate or form a successful strategy

the work

To work with our emotional energy we can look to transform our own energy patterns freeing them from previously defined patterns that can keep us in unwanted modes of thinking or behaviour along with unhelpful emotions.

The basic idea is to give our body the opportunity to break free of established patterns and experience other options. This is commonly achieved by reliving an event that produces self limiting thoughts or distressing emotions whilst taking on a physical practice that ensures our energy does not go back to repeating its remembered disturbed pattern. This is often achieved by tapping acupressure points but can include sustained pressure or rubbing.

Using EFT this can be done by talking about an upsetting event whilst tapping various acupressure points. This keeps our sub-conscious engaged in the issue whilst the tapping ensures our emotional energy remains calm.

For example we would create a sentance the we can say out loud repeadedly whilst tapping. The sentance typically starts with “Even though…” and ends with “… I love and accept myself.” So someone wanting to stop eating chocolate, but experiencing strong cravings after dinner, might say, “Even though I crave chocolate at night, I love and accept myself”. The sentance will change depending on what feels right at the time.

Once we can go back to an event in our life, in our imagination, without experiencing unwanted emotions, we can look forward to similar changes to our emotional energy in real life situations.

This process is not a cure or fix-it but an invitation to explore being in situations with a different emotional energy. The freedom comes from not having to re-experience unwanted established patterns of emotional energy and regain greater control over our subconscious.

EFT is commonly used for phobias, stress, food cravings, weight loss, post traumatic stress, unresolved issues from the past, self image, allergies, self esteem and health issues that have a psychosomatic element.

For information on having an EFT session for yourself click EFT.