Daily Feng Shui

daily feng shui

daily feng shui

Daily Feng Shui

Feng shui can be part of how we live and something we practice everyday.

Daily feng shui is an awareness of ourselves and our relationship with our homes. Out of that awareness we can create homes that best support us in experiencing the emotions we most enjoy at home.

One of the challenges we have in life is that it is easy to live on autopilot and just get used to our home without really engaging with it, or appreciating it.

Try the following and experience how it transforms your relationship with your home and discover new insights on how to make changes to your home.


As you come home be very aware of your senses at each stage.

What is the first thing you see as you approach your home? What stands out? How do you feel about it?

What is your first physical contact with your home? Is it a garden latch, a doorknob or a handle? How does it feel, warm/cold, smooth/textured, curved/straight? How do you feel touching it?

How does the door feel as you open it? What is the first thing you see as you enter your home? What kind of emotions or thoughts do you experience?

Describe your experience of your entrance hall or corridor. Be aware of smells and images. Are there any sounds? How does the floor feel beneath your feet?

Enter each room and be very aware of each sensation. Make a note of what you see, smell and hear. Notice the texture and feel of anything you touch.

Let these experiences guide you to making changes to your home. Try them out and be aware of the differences.


Consider how you would like to feel in each room in your home. What kind of emotions would you like to experience? Calm, content, inspired, stimulated, focussed, creative, imaginative, active?

Once you know how you want to feel in a room you can explore ways to support those emotions. What kind of images would help you feel calm in one room and creative in another? Would some plants help you relax? Do you find bright, colourful flowers stimulating? Which colours create the mood you are looking for? Could a water feature help you feel calmer?

Often, you can make simple changes to a room and create a very different atmosphere.


When leaving your home, use your daily feng shui perspective to be aware of your experiences as you walk through to the street or into your car. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? What are the significant, memorable influences? Could a beautiful image, plant, flowers, colour, message or sculpture, help you leave a high?

By keeping an awareness of our relationship with our home on a regular basis we can keep that interaction alive and enjoy making changes that lead to feeling different at home.

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