I have been honoured to be invited to provide a feng shui consultation for the town of Congleton. As far as I know this is the first time feng shui has been applied to a whole town.

Feng Shui enthusiast and speaker Dawn Gibbins invited me to conduct a feng shui survey and write a report as part of the town’s regeneration programme. This involved meetings with the council, architects, business community and civic groups.

Dawn also arranged for me to give a presentation to nearly two hundred members of the public at the town hall.

This has sice been followed up with specific feng shui design proposals for the new market area outside the Bridestone Centre.

My method of applying feng shui was to talk to everyone and just absorb their relationship with the town and try to absorb the atmosphere of the town through the residents. I then explored all the points of entry to the town appraoching each with a begginers mind being aware of my first impressions. This included the train station, canal, roads and bus terminal.

I went on the look specifically at the Town Hall, main shopping streets and municiple facilities.

You can red my report by clicking here and see the presentation I used for the town hall meeting by clicking here.

Many thanks to Dawn Gibbins and all the people of Congleton who helped make this possible and who made my visit so enjoyable.

For more information on applying feng shui to large architectural design projects call 07543663227 or email Simon