BOA VISTA airport


The Boa Vista Airport is the first airport created from conception using the principles of feng shui. It is an excellent example of how feng shui can be applied to public spaces. I had been working with architects Hans Fischer, Richard Brosch and Danilo Stravato on several airport terminal feng shui projects, when the opportunity to design a completely new terminal came up. The terminal is on the island of Boa Vista, part of the seven islands of Cape Verde off western Africa and now a growing tourist destination.

This was particularly exciting for us as other projects used existing buildings and structures, whereas here we had greater freedom to use feng shui design principles. The main constraint was cost.

We decided on headings of what we wanted to achieve.


It was important to us that tourists arriving at the Boa Vista airport would not think that they were back in a similar terminal to the one they left. We wanted the holiday experience to start as soon as passengers left the plane. To help achieve this we added feng shui features that would lift the spirits and make the arrival process as welcoming as possible.

One of the unique features is that the main areas of the airport have no conventional roof. The roof can account for 60% of the construction costs. There are on average only two days of rain a year in Boa Vista and the temperature is generally about 22 degrees centigrade. This decision reduced the construction cost and the need for extensive air conditioning, which would have increased energy costs and the terminal?s carbon footprint. Sails are strung across the open areas with cable to provide shade.

The fist view when leaving the plane is of a Moorish citadel. The entrance takes passengers through to an open courtyard with a water feature and local music. The immigration and baggage claim carries the open-air theme through to the lively bar area.


To apply our feng shui design principles to boa vista airport we looked at each stage of the passenger journey through the airport for both arriving and departing passengers and wrote in how we would like the passengers to feel. We then explored the different design features that would help us bring out the ideal atmosphere to create the desired human feelings. This process was effective in challenging us to be innovative and create interesting feature not normally found in airports.

Feng shui water features, music, natural materials, plants and the imagery of the island all feature in this unique environment.


Spending time in this terminal in Boa Vista airport is probably one of the most natural experiences you can have in an airport. You are able to enjoy warm fresh air wherever you are. The surfaces are made from local natural materials, essentially stone and wood. The water feature draws on the islands fame for turtles and wind surfing. Wind surfing shaped sails strung across the open spaces provides shade and turtle images feature throughout the terminal. The lighting is predominantly natural.


It was important to us to design a facility that has low running costs and is sustainable in the long term. This has been achieved providing a low cost terminal with minimum running and maintenance costs and one that is environmentally friendly.


As a follow up to the design and implementation of this feng shui public building we spent a week working with the staff exploring ways to make this feng shui airport the foremost in its category in terms of customer satisfaction. This involved exploring every detail of how the terminal operates and predicting potential problem areas so that we can address this through adjustments to the facilities and staff training.


By including feng shui in the design of this terminal we have been able to create an airport that is not only cheaper to construct and run than equivalent facilities but also one that provides a significantly better passenger experience of using the terminal.

The terminal is now open and I was very happy to visit it and experience the reality of our creation. The initial passenger feedback has been excellent with some claiming it is the best airport they have used!


To watch a film of this landmark terminal go to;

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